Food Service

Finley Elementary is an approved Community Eligibility Provision school (CEP), meaning all students at Finley Elementary can receive one free breakfast and one free lunch per day. 

Breakfast In the Classroom
at Finley Elementary

Finley Elementary School will use a Breakfast In the Classroom model and eliminate “traditional” breakfast served before school. Breakfast is available to students after the start of the school day in their classrooms. Students have an opportunity during the first 10 minutes of class to grab a pre-packaged breakfast from meal carts in their classrooms and eat breakfast at their desks.

Lunch will be served at the student’s grade level lunch time in the cafeteria.  Extra menu items can be purchased if a student has money in their meal account.  No charging is allowed.  Funds can be added to a student’s account via the eFunds Parent Portal on the school’s or district’s website or by sending money to school with your student.

Please see the Child Nutrition page of the district’s website for menu item pricing.

Lunchroom Expectations

  1. Enter lunchroom quietly. No talking in the hallways and use inside voices in the cafeteria.
    1. Lunch is social time. However, please limit conversations to students that are sitting near you at your table. Do not turn around to talk to students at other tables or yell to other students.
  2. Stand in line appropriately using patience, respect and politeness to all.
  3. Sit in your designated grade level and table area unless advised to move to the overflow table.
  4. Once you have sat down at your table you may not get up again for forgotten items. (i.e. dressing, straw, etc.) Raise your hand if you need something.
  5. Be responsible – clean up after yourself
    1. Wash the table where you sat
    2. Pick up any trash that is under or on your area of the table.
    3. Empty your tray carefully in the trash. Pick up anything that doesn’t make it in the trash can.
  6. Cafeteria dismissal
    1. You must be seated in order to be dismissed.
    2. If you need to be excused to go to the restroom, raise your hand. Someone will give you a pass.
  7. Lunch time
    1. There is 20 minutes allotted for eating and 20 minutes for recess. Please save your playing for recess so you have plenty of time to eat. If you are still eating when your grade level/table is dismissed, you may stay inside until you’re done eating.
  8. Food is not allowed to leave the cafeteria. If you have a home lunch and want to take home what isn’t eaten, it needs to remain in your lunch box/sack when you are outside.
  9. Sharing of food is not allowed due to nutrition and allergy concerns.
    1. Step 1: If you choose Step 1, you will be asked to turn around at your seat or be asked to sit in a different location. Anyone interfering with the student in Step 1 will be shadowing and will choose Step 1 as well.
    2. Step 2: If you talk or misbehave in Step 1, you will choose Step 2 and be directed to stand in that same location or a different location in the cafeteria.
    3. Step 3: If you should choose to escalate to a Step 3, you will be given the school rule and you will read or concentrate on that rule.
    4. You will be allowed to move back down through the steps.
    5. Concerns: – Raise your hand if you have a concern. Someone will come and address the concern you have.
  11. All other school rules apply to the cafeteria.

Hopefully this information will help you and your students understand the expectations. Thank you in advance and if you have any questions, please ask.