Library Procedures

Check Out Policies:

Kindergarten: Kindergarten children check out a book during their weekly library time. They must return the book before library time the following week. Kindergarten children check out books only. They do not check out magazines, audiotapes, or book/tape combinations.

First Grade: One book check out.

Second Grade thru Fifth Grade: Three books checked out at a time. May have up to three items checked out, but 2 must be AR.

First through Fifth Grade: Books and audiotapes are normally checked out for two weeks. Magazines are checked out for one week. Exceptions to this are reference books.

Overdue/lost book policy:

With the exception of check out of items needed for a specific classroom project or report, there are NO check outs for those with current overdue books or current fines. Fines are levied for all lost or damaged materials at the time they are lost or damaged. Report cards are held at the end of the year unless all books and materials are returned or fines paid.

Students are not charged for normal wear and tear on materials. They are charged, however, for any water damage, animal damage, drawing and/or scribbling, and pages damaged by younger siblings.

Once a child has reached $15.00 in book fines, they will no longer be able to check out any books. Library privileges will resume when the fine begins to be paid or books are returned. A payment plan can be established to pay fines.


Lost Books: Replacement cost of book

Lost Audiotape or Book Tape Combination: Cost of tape or book/tape combination. If part of a combination is lost, charge will be for the part lost, rather than the entire combination.

Damage: Fine will be up to the cost of the materials. If a book is damaged severely enough to make major repair necessary, the fine will be the cost of the materials. If damage is deliberate, regardless of the severity, the fine will be the material costs.

Missing Tape Bags: Fine is $1.00 or return of the bag undamaged.