Transportation and Safety Concerns

It is the intent of the Finley School District to provide a safe and efficient means of transport for all students to and from school. (Finley Elementary students are not permitted to walk or ride bicycles to school.) Our driver’s train annually and review industry standards to achieve this goal, however, it is largely dependent on good student behavior for this to succeed. Students must understand and comply with rules set forth in this manual and by their driver. There are several times throughout the year the students will be updated on the driver’s expectations, we would also encourage you to discuss the rules and the reasons for bus rules with your child.

It is imperative that the students understand the school bus and all stops associated with such are extensions of the school. All classroom rules shall be honored as well as additional rules the driver has specific to that route. No bullying in any form of any student will be tolerated; such behavior may result in immediate discipline for the student.

Good behavior at the bus stops is especially important. Please discuss with your children the importance of good behavior while waiting for the bus to come.

  • You should plan to be at the bus stop five (5) minutes prior to your buses arrival time
  • No horseplay shall be permitted at the bus stops
  • Students must not stand or play in the roadway while waiting for the bus
  • Students shall board the bus in an orderly manner utilizing all steps and the handrail; no cutting, pushing or shoving.

Our drivers must be vigilant to their surroundings at all times; this includes all traffic conditions, pedestrians and railroad, as well as emergency vehicles. This is a delicate balance when students are added on the bus. To ensure that students are not distracting the driver from the duties of driving, students must exhibit good behavior on the bus. Good behavior on the bus includes:

  • Remember the driver is in charge
  • Students must limit the conversation with the driver to safety concerns
  • If seats are assigned the students must sit in them
  • No combustible material permitted on or near the bus
  • No sharp objects shall be allowed on the bus
  • No eating on the bus
  • The aisle and emergency exits shall be clear of loose belongings
  • Students must remain seated at all times the bus is in motion, with their bottom on seat bottom and backs against the seat back with feet on the floor in front of them
  • Students must only exit the bus at their scheduled destination (school or primary address)
  • Students must exit the bus in an orderly manner utilizing all steps and the handrail
  • Students crossing in front of the bus shall not do so until eye contact with the driver is made and the driver signals ok to cross.

Our drivers must constantly be aware of conditions surrounding them, and still have full control of the students who are loading and unloading at their bus stops. In order to assure safety of children riding the school buses, the Finley School District Transportation Department has placed a video camera surveillance system in each bus. In the event of a situation the transportation manager will review the video and if needed, provide a copy to the school principal for continued student management.

Any changes in the students regular plan of transport may result in delaying other students from arriving home, If you request your child to ride a different bus than his/her usual one, the student must provide a note from the parent or guardian stating the needed change. The note must be reviewed by the school staff prior to the student boarding the bus.

Due to the limited seating for students on buses, we will not be able to transport extra students for club meetings or birthday parties.