Monthly School Newsletter

Each month, Finley Elementary publishes a school newsletter that is printed and sent home with student, as well as emailed out to families. If you are not receiving these newsletters, either via email or in printed format, please contact our school office so that we can make sure we have the correct contact information for you.

Copies of the newsletter for print purposes are available at the school office. These copies are for print purposes only. If, because of a disability, you have difficulty accessing the newsletter content on the website, please contact Human Resources Director Bryan Long at the district office at 509-586-3217.

May 2022 School Newsletter

Important Dates This Month:

·  May 2 - 6 - Teacher Appreciation Week

·  May 8 - Mother’s Day

·  May 27- Snow Make up day

·  May 30 - No School

         ( Memorial Day )


31 and Counting

Principal's Message

Once we get past spring break, the end of the year seems to come rushing toward us.

We are almost done with state required testing.  May 13th will the last scheduled testing day for the SBA test.  Staff will work on getting make-ups and completions done as quickly as possible since there is limited amount of time to getting the testing done before they expire. 

Once state testing has been completed, then district testing begins.  May 16th begins 1st and 2nd grade iReady math and reading testing.  3rd – 5th grade iReady testing will begin the week of May 23rd

Yes, this is a lot of testing, but schools are now required to show student growth throughout the school year.  It has an added benefit of giving the students some extra self-confidence when they see how much their knowledge has grown.

The Finley Elementary PTG would like to host a Field Day before school is out.  Bouncy houses will not be brought in this year.  I’m sure they would appreciate any ideas you can send their way.  You can reach them at or on their Facebook page.

If you haven’t heard, Debbie Dohaniuk is retiring this year.  She has done a lot for this district’s music program over the years.  If you had Debbie as a teacher, I’m sure she’d love to hear how she positively impacted your life as a Finley Student.

And speaking of great teachers, this week is Teacher Appreciation Week.  Your child’s teacher has overcome obstacles that has not been thrust upon teachers ever.  The staff in our school are a dedicated group whose passion is your child’s learning.  Please take a moment to tell them Thank You.

As always, I want to thank you for your support you gave our school and staff.  “It takes a village” is more true than not.

 Pam Kinne

group photo of kindergarten students
Kindergarten News

woman showing student how to arrange a bouquetKindergartners had a few guest speakers that came into our class to tell all about their jobs.  Mr. McCabe from KEPR Action News came to tell us about being a meteorologist.  We learned about different kinds of weather.  Mr. Burtner came to talk about many interesting things that a graphic artist does.  We got to use our own creativity to create a design for a used water bottle.  Then Mrs. Dawes came to teach us about what florists do.  We worked together to create our very own bouquet!

Finally, the students wrote and illustrate about one career they are interested in or know about.
a guest speaker holds a tablet showing students graphic design work

Finley Running Club News

Jose Soria is the first runner to make it to the “Marathon Status.” He runs in the mornings and during recess. He has worked hard to accomplish this goal. Jose has run 25 miles and is still working on the next level. Way to go, Jose!

Other marathon status runners are Jayden Navarro, David Gomez, Alan Mora, and Lysander Serrato.

Great job runners!
Jose Soria 4 students from the running club