At Finley Elementary School, we believe that attendance is essential for successful learning. All students are expected to be regular and punctual in attendance. Not only is it essential for learning, it also helps teach responsibility and tells children you value school. When students are absent from school due to illness or a health condition, a religious observance, family emergencies, or a school approved activity, it is considered an excused absence. Immediately following an absence, state law requires the parent or guardian write a note to the school explaining the reason why the student was absent. Also, please send a similar note if your child is tardy or will need to be released before the end of the school day.

Excessive tardiness or a pattern of unwarranted absenteeism may be cause for disciplinary action. If the parent/guardian doesn’t write an excuse note immediately following an absence, or call the elementary office the day of the absence, the absence may be counted as unexcused. In accordance with the state’s mandatory “Becca” attendance laws, and the district attendance policies, if a student is absent or excessively tardy without a legitimate excuse on five (5) or more occasions in a calendar month and/or 10 in a year, the school district may file a petition with the juvenile court seeking the court’s jurisdiction over the student’s attendance in school which may result in disciplinary action for both parents and students. (RCW28A.225-BECCA Bill).

Attendance letters and unenrollment:

Each trimester, a letter will be sent home with students who have more than 10 absences or tardies whether they are excused or not. Any absence from school disrupts the learning process. These letters are to keep you informed of your child’s attendance history.
If your child is absent 20 consecutive days, they will be unenrolled. You will need to re-enroll your child upon returning.

Absence versus tardy:

A student will be marked tardy if they miss 30 minutes or less of each attendance period. After 30 minutes, they will be marked absent. If a student is checked out during the day and returns that same day, an absence or tardy mark will depend on the length of time they are gone. To achieve perfect attendance, a student must not have any tardies or absences regardless if they are excused or unexcused.

Absence reporting:

Please notify the office of any pre-arranged absences. If your child comes to school tardy, please send them with a note to give the office if you are unable to come into the building with them. If your child is absent, please call the school that day to prevent you from receiving an automated phone call about your child’s attendance. If you are unable to call, please send a note with your child the day they return. Parental/guardian contact must be made with the office through phone call or note within 24 hours of your child/children returning to school in order to be considered excused.