Communicating with School

Communicating is a two-way process between you and your school. It takes a little time and effort, but it is worth it to you and, most importantly, to your child.

Parents and school staff members have many things in common. We both want to help your child learn, mature and develop. We both want your child to feel good about him/herself and school. We both want to solve problems, not create them. We both want to be sure our communication with each other is effective. And, we both want to model appropriate problem-solving skills (behaviors).

If you have a question about your child’s educational progress, or something that concerns you, we want to hear about it. It is important that we work with each other on your child’s behalf. The simple tips that follow are offered in a effort to make that partnership more effective for both us and your child.

1. Don’t wait until a small concern becomes a big concern.
2. Keep an open mind. Be willing to listen. Give the other person the benefit of the doubt. Remember that reports coming home from your child are not always accurate.
3. Whatever your concern/question, first take it to the staff member most closely involved.
4. If you do not resolve your concern by talking to the staff member or you are not sure how to resolve your concern, please talk to the principal.

In general, you’ll be most successful taking care of the matter if you contact the person who is most directly involved with the situation.

For Questions/Concerns about: Contact Your Child’s… (listed in order of preferred contact) :
  • Attendance - Attendance Secretary, Counselor, Principal
  • Classroom lessons, assignments, homework and organization - Teacher, Counselor, Principal
  • Student behavior - Teacher, Counselor, Principal
  • Grades or evaluations  - Teacher
  • Classroom incidents - Teacher, Counselor, Principal
  • Health issues/medication - School Nurse
  • School activities - Teacher, Secretary, Principal
  • School regulations/policies - Principal, Superintendent
  • School facilities - Principal, Athletic Director
  • Discipline - Teacher, Counselor, Principal
  • School-wide curriculum - Principal, Curriculum Director (District Office)
  • Inability to communicate with your child’s teacher - Principal 
  • Student behavior before school or during recess - Principal, Counselor 
  • Physical, emotional, social need affecting your child - Teacher, Counselor, Principal 
  • Transportation - Transportation Director (District Office)
Employees of Finley Elementary School will treat parents and guardians with respect and expect the same in return. We acknowledge that disagreements are inevitable, but when they arise, all parties will conduct themselves with commonly accepted standards of respectful social interaction, including tone of voice, language, and body movements. Inability or refusal to comply will be referred to a District administrator and may result in enforcement of RCW 28A.635.010,020,090,100, 110,120.