January 2019 School News

January 2019 School News
Posted on 01/30/2019

First Grade Corner

two elementary boys lying in the grass performing field investigations for scienceMrs. Locker’s First Grade Class did an outdoor Field Investigation. On Halloween, in the very windy weather, first graders were outdoors making scientific observations. We examined different sites on our playground looking for living and nonliving things. We recorded the data and complied the results. We found there to be many more nonliving items than living. This activity allowed us to combine our reading, writing, and science skills together.

P.E. Obstacle Course- Tons of Fun!

Elementary boy climbing over obstacle courseThe students at Finley Elementary enjoyed running the Obstacle Course in October. This is a fifteen station course that tests the students’ ability in running, hopping, jumping, vaulting, balance, crawling, hurdling, tumbling, and agility.

The third, fourth, and fifth graders had the opportunity to get timed as they ran through the course. We had some incredible times posted. Below are listed the top ten times. We even had Mrs. Kinne and some teachers attempt the
course while cheered on by their students!

Kindness Corner

Finley Elementary’s 2019 Great Kindness Challenge
Save the Date - January 28th-February 1st, FES students will be invited to participate in The Great Kindness Challenge. They will receive a checklist that has ideas of how they can spread kindness to others with the challenge of trying to see how many they can do in ONE WEEK. Last year we had 4,442 KIND acts done that week by our KIND students! I bet we can DOUBLE that number this year!

We will start the week off with a Kindness Kick-Off Assembly run by some brave 5th grade announcers and cheerleaders in the gym Friday, Jan. 25th at 1:15pm. The rest of the week students and teachers can dress up for our Kindness Spirit Days, classes can decorate their classroom door with a Kindness theme, write Kindness essays, draw Kindness pictures, and work hard to complete their Kindness Checklist items at our Kindness Recess Stations and throughout the day. Our wonderful PTG encourages parent volunteers to come help every
day at our Kindness Recess Stations in the cafeteria! If you are interested in helping, see below.

The winning class that has the highest average of kindness checks will win a class party.

The class that wins the Kindness Door Decorating Contest will win a special treat for their entire class! The student winners of the essay contest and drawing contest will also
win a special treat.

We are getting excited about The Great Kindness Challenge this year! Don’t forget, we can all encourage our students to show kindness every day, not just during Kindness