Elementary Running Club

Running Club at Finley Elementary
Posted on 09/02/2019

Beginning Tuesday, September 3rd, Finley Elementary will start our fourth year of the “Running Club”! The Running Club takes place before school each day from 7:45-8:00 AM.  Every child from kindergarten through the fifth grade will have the opportunity to run and earn certificates, toe tokens, and bracelets.

We are setting up a running course for the students. All participants will be given a “Mileage Marker” punch card (20 punches per card). After each lap the student will have his/her mileage marker card punched by a teacher. When they have used all twenty punches they will receive a toe token to wear on their chain necklace (necklace will be provided to each participant who completes one punch card). Then the student will be ready to start a new mileage marker card.

Every student who participates will receive a participation certificate to proudly display at home. Other awards include a “Running Club” bracelet that is awarded to each student who completes FIVE punch cards. Also, there will be a recognition chart displayed in the gym of our top twenty runners.

The Running Club takes place before school at 7:45-8:00 AM.   The Mileage Club is currently in over 20,000 schools in all fifty states and Canada. There are many positive aspects to having a running program including:

  • Fights childhood obesity and inactivity
  • Increases students’ learning readiness
  • Easy to implement and affordable
  • Reduces playground problems

Encourage your child to join the Running Club and get in shape while having fun! Parents are welcome to join your child and earn your own toe tokens. For more information, contact Mr. Mike Davis at 586-7577.